About Us

Born in November 2007, The Sweetest Key is a non-profit, all-female a cappella group in the Greater Hartford area, performing all over the state of CT for everything from weddings & black tie galas to walks & back yard BBQs. We arrange our own work and sing music spanning all genres and styles. 


Jen Cardines


Jen is currently studying to earn her Masters of Education with the goal of teaching elementary school. Beyond singing, this girl can beat-box like a champ. Fun fact? Jen is legally about 85 years old due to a birth certificate snafu. 

Cassandra Davis


Cassie is a founding member and our Business Manager. Outside of TSK, she works in marketing & communications and lives in South Windsor with her husband, two girls and puppy.  While at UCONN, Cassie sang in The Chordials.

Nicole Ferrall


Nicole is our Musical Director. Outside of TSK, this nurturing woman is an elementary music teacher and married with two (...soon to be three!) children. She is a past UCONN Chordial, as well.

Elaine Frantz


Elaine, therapist by day and mom of two by night, is the group's voice of reason. Need an ear to bounce an idea off or to see if you're crazy? She's your lady.  Elaine is also one of our founding members and sang with The Chordials at UCONN.

Jasmine Lodge


Jasmine is our gracious rehearsal host weekly and had been a member of TSK since 2011. Need a good laugh? Go out for a drink with this girl and listen to some of her adventures as a emergency room nurse. 

Sarah McCoy


Sarah was a member from 2008-2010, and rejoined TSK in 2018. Sarah works as a marketing professional in Hartford, and lives in Colchester with her husband and the world's cutest baby boy. Sarah was a member of Sweet Signatures at ELON. 

Anisha Patel


Born in London, Anisha has been with TSK since about 2015. She teaches high school English and loves to cook. Her 4 rescue cats might even become the mascots of her dream food truck. Anisha was a UCONN Rubyfruit.

Melissa Paul-Perez


One of our founding members, Melissa spent many years with TSK before moving to NYC and singing with Restated. She rejoined TSK in 2017. Outside of singing, Melissa works for a community building non-profit here in Hartford. While at UCONN, Melissa was a Chordial.

Becca Schwartz


Becca is one of our newest members and is a student at UCONN School of Medicine. When she's not learning anatomy and doing all kinds of smart, science-y things, she enjoys all things music. Becca was a member of Rubyfruit at UCONN.

Erin Sculley


If Cinderella's voice existed in a real human, it would be Erin. This lovely lady also has arranged for us, supports Nicole on music agendas and warm ups, and spends her day time hours as a medical physicist. 

Sarah Seekins


In her work attire, Sarah may look like a Breaking Bad cast member, but she's really an environmental engineer. This  fine lady holds down the bass line in most of our songs and loves belting tunes by artists such as Marvin Gaye and Amy Winehouse.  A UVM graduate, Sarah joined TSK in 2012.

Sarah Silverman


Sarah's sweet soprano voice can bring you to chills and by her peaceful personality it comes as no surprise that she works as a behavior technician with autistic children.  At UHart, Sarah was a member of UHarms. After graduating in 2018, Sarah joined TSK. 

Emily Stocker


Emily's smile can light up a room, and her voice and personality come in a close second. This adventurous woman teaches kindergarten and loves to travel. A former UCONN Rubyfruit, Emily joined TSK in 2017.